The Alaska Shorthand Reporters Association announces new CEU seminar opportunities.

CCR Seminars LogoThe Alaska Shorthand Reporters Association is proud to announce the launch of their new web-based CEU seminar opportunities. Due to the sparse number of stenographic reporters in Alaska, the excessive cost of travel for our association members to convene in one location, and diminishing funds to promote steno over electronic recording, ASRA will now offer continuing education seminars. ASRA has reached out to CCR Seminars to help ensure the seminars are successful based on CCR Seminars’ many years of experience. ASRA will sponsor and provide seminars and webinars using the CCR Seminars website/platform. ASRA will collaborate with CCR Seminars in creating CE seminar outlines and other administrative duties. ASRA will utilize seminar proceeds to fund their association expenses and to support court reporting causes in Alaska.

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Mission Statement

The Alaska Shorthand Reporters Association is committed to promoting and maintaining:

The highest standards of verbatim reporting
Quality services
Professional ethics
Utilization of state-of-the-art technology
Continuing education in the above areas

Board of Directors:

President: Sandra Mierop (907) 337-2221

Vice-President: Lenny DiPaolo (907) 283-4429

Secretary/Treasurer: Lynda Barker (907) 789-9028

Board Member: Britney Dudley (907) 227-6841

Board Member: Mary Vavrik (907) 345-3934

Board Member: Gail Peckham (907) 223-9542

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