Mission Statement

The Alaska Shorthand Reporters Association is committed to promoting and maintaining:

The highest standards of verbatim reporting
Quality services
Professional ethics
Utilization of state-of-the-art technology
Continuing education in the above areas

Board of Directors:

President: Sandra Mierop sandi@nlrr.com (907) 337-2221

Vice-President: Lenny DiPaolo kenaireporter@yahoo.com (907) 283-4429

Secretary/Treasurer: Lynda Barker lyndabarker@gmail.com (907) 789-9028

Board Member: Britney Dudley britneydudleyak@yahoo.com (907) 227-6841

Board Member: Mary Vavrik mvavrik@gci.net (907) 345-3934

Board Member: Gail Peckham peckham803@gci.net (907) 223-9542